There are all kinds of exciting things happening here. We're low on recaps, but high on new additions! Wait, high? Well anyway, check out $40 A Week, our new blog. See, you can't live on candy alone. So for all those, you know... in-between times... we have a separate food blog starting up. It is going to model how to create a weekly food plan (for one person) for US$40 or less a week. There will be recipes, pictures, and lots of other writing about food.

Meanwhile, we got our first 1,000 hits! Now it's up to 1,896 - not too shabby. And average visit length has doubled, to two whole minutes - let's hope that's per page!

our 1,000th visitor, somewhere in the middle 
of the U.S.

That's our 1,000th visitor's location. Texas? Oklahoma? Thanks, middle of the country! And here are visitors 900-1,000 or so, just so you can see where all your clicking neighbors are:

from USA, Europe, Singapore, China, 

That was on March 23rd. Wooo! BBy contrast, here is the last 100 just now, on June 4th 2007:

from USA, Germany, Norway, United Arab 
Emirates, Australia, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Bermuda, 
Canada.... That little one in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is Bermuda!

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