Lavender Truffles

This recap is going to be a little bit different. I'm going to show, not tell! A picture is worth a thousand words. (Come on... one more cliche....) Oh! Show me the money!

No, wait... that's not one....

Anyway, the theme for this month's Sugar High Friday, hosted by the gorgeous foodblog Coconut Chutney, is "flower power." So of course I had to make my semi-famous lavender truffles! Besides, I have owed this one chick truffles for... about two and a half years. She is SO PATIENT.

Like a lot of recipes, this one just sort of happened. You know, you find a recipe, you make it a bunch of times, you sort of forget how it goes and get the wrong amount of cream, you look at your other recipes and start to wonder why they all ask for totally different amounts of cream, you stand at your laptop trying to find the original recipe on Epicurious even though you are standing literally ten feet from where you keep the recipes, you give up and realize you are actually only SIX feet from the cookbook shelf, you dig through it all but now you can't find the original recipe there either, you find a different recipe for mint truffles and use that, but you don't feel like waiting for the lavender to steep so you just simmer it for ages and you want to make more so you add more cream than you probably should and you forget the vanilla completely....

Bang, new recipe! (And damn Emeril for ruining "bam!" for the rest of us. New recipes make a "bam!" sound, damnit!)

My laptop comes with a camera, so I made an Intrepid Photo Documentary of the process. Ingredients:

a bowl of chocolate 
chips All the chocolate chips in your house, at least the ones not already in use. In this case, that was one bag of milk chocolate chips, most of a bag of semisweet, and a small sack of Guittard ones from the bulk aisle. Fortunately, my roommate invested in a kitchen scale! Here they are on the scale, weighing in at almost exactly two pounds.
a bunch of
lavender A hearty fistful of lavender picked (cut) from the backyard in the dead of night while my cat stared at me like I was crazy. "What the hell are you doing to the flowers? Are you going to eat those? Seriously? You're fucking kidding me, right?"
box of cream My computer's camera reverses things, so this 16 oz. container of organic cream is weirdly mirror-imaged for convenient, um, brand-evading! No product placement here! P.S. SHOP TRADER JOE'S.
half-dressed stick of 
butter This stick of butter is getting ready for its closeup! Butter courtesy my roommate, who is asleep and has no idea. Thanks, Sessa! I will trade you one stick of butter and/or some truffles. No, both.
animated image that says 
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